Due to hardware and software problems, the dataplane state may not be congruent to the configuration specifications of the control plane in software defined networks. There is a pressing need for data plane mechanisms that can detect and identify offending forwarding rules.

In this project, we rigorously define the test packet generation problem that detects and identifies priority faults of forwarding rules, missing rules and unexpected rules. Unlike prior work ATPG and ProboScope which present partial solutions, we present the complete framework, RuleScope. At the heart of RuleScope is the probling packet generation algorithms which minimize the number of rounds and the number of probing packets. We also characterize the complexity and show the number of probing packets can be exponential if a single round is required.




  • Li Erran Li (Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent)
  • Xiaolin Chen (Chuxiong Normal University, China)