Dr. Shiqing Ma's visit, 4th from the left.

The LIST team 2019. (See the album for earlier pictures.)


The theme of my research is to monitor, diagnose, and secure the Internet, for both core and peripheral networks such as wireless networks. The Internet has become the most important communication infrastructure of the society. However, as the Internet has evolved it has become increasingly complex and vulnerable. To address these problems, over the past few years I have increasingly focused on Internet Security problems, in particular, intrusion detection and those arising in emerging and challenging Internet environments, such as Web 2.0, smartphones, online social networks, and very high speed networks. At the same time, I continue working on design, architecture and management of the next generation networks, such as data center networks.

Our research methodology is the combination of theory, synthetic/real trace driven simulation, and real-world implementation and deployment. We draw from diverse fields of applied mathematics, such as combinatorial algorithms, linear algebra and statistical learning as needed to better understand the design space structure. To get access to the real Internet measurement (often proprietary), we have been actively collaborating with researchers from various places, such as AT&T Labs, Motorola Labs, Yahoo!, Keynote, Microsoft Research, Fermi National Labs, National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR), and the Internet Storm Center of the SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute.